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Initiated by Gideon Njini, Enterprise Development & Governance (EDGF) was registered in July 2009,
by a group of charitable and socio economic concern co-founders. Through its mandate, EDGF
function as a Learning Organization, promoting local living economies and supporting indigenous
communities. In fulfillment of its compassionate charitable objectives EDGF through its associate, The
Accountancy Services & Audit (ASA) Group Cameroon provide consultancy services to other
community based charities.
VISITING: Ghana Street, Story building Right Hand from, Mrs. Ngen Junction Nkwen Bamenda
CONTACT: Gideon Njini, POSITION: Chief Executive officer,
PHONE NUMBER: (237) 677 439 468 SKYPE: Gideon.njini2
POSTAL ADDRESS: P.O. Box 5011 Nkwen Bamenda, North West Region, Cameroon, Africa
TELEPHONE :( 237)677439468 EMAIL: WEBSITE:
OUR VISION: Social Justice; Love, Peace and Equal Opportunity for all
OUR MISSION: The promotion of human dignity, the family, children and sustainable Community
Development Strategies
OUR AIMS: Empowering the marginalised -underprivileged for a common hope and future and
strengthening fragile communities.
WHAT WE DO: We design, advise, advocate, sensitize, educate, train and facilitate processes that
equip the individual, leaders, groups and their community to be creative and enterprising for wealth
creation (self-sufficiency) and human development
AWARD WINNER: EDGF inspires the vulnerable people thereby transforming communities, on this
premise EDGF worn the 2015 Richard Shaull Worldwide Ministries Award of Bryn Mawr Presbyterian
Church, USA. – To supports a remarkable mission leader, the CEO for community transformation Re:
Village Micro Enterprise –Cooperative Development.
TO DATE EDGF has served 48,980 people and groups in 14 communities of Bui, Boyo and Mezam
divisions of the North West Region.
(1) Fee support for the children of the poor and orphans to attend school,
(2) Adult literacy training
(3) Financial literacy and inclusion of the poor, especially women
(4) Water Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) and water supply projects,
(5) Occupational –Job place Self-help Skills for the underprivileged
(6) Community micro enterprise development,
(7) Farming systems, improvements / Environmental Education
(8) Services to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) most especially women and youths

1. Francis Nchii Njuakom, Chair Tel: (237) 699 879 609
2. Dr. Jam Maurine, Vice Chair, Tel: (237) 677 758 708
3. Mrs. Joy kimbo, member Tel: (237) 672 598 667
4. Rev. Liberty Ayeah member Tel :( 237) 653 833 141
5. Mrs. Timchia Agnes, member. Tel: (237) 677 650 373
6. Simon Ngwainmbi, member Tel: (237) 677 601 407
EDGF works with community volunteers and subject area external consultants where need be, our
management team is made up of enthusiastic and committed professional people with multiple
diversified backgrounds:
1.Gideon Yong Njini, Chief Executive Officer of EDGF, is an Accountant / Economist, with a Master in
Business Administration (MBA) from the Irish University Business School, UK, prior to studying for the
MBA, after 3 GCE Advanced Levels, Gideon obtained a certificate in accounting from the Calabar
Polytechnic, Calabar Cross River state Nigeria, he then continued professional education, studied and
obtained accountancy, finance, administration and kindred professional qualifications, three of which
through professional practice and Continuing Professional Development he rose to the fellowship
ranks (en plus ultra) these are; Associate (ACIS) - PGD from the Institute of Chartered Secretaries &
Administrators London (renamed The Chartered Governance Institute), Fellow (FAIA) from the
Association of International Accountants UK, Fellow (FIPFM) from the Institute of Professional
Financial Managers UK, and Fellow (FCEA) from the Institute of Cost & Executive Accountants UK.
Gideon a member of many diverse professional bodies also wrote and obtained complimentary
diplomas from the Chartered Institute of Bankers, Institute of Statisticians, and the Institute of
Commerce both of the UK. Besides being a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) practitioner,
Gideon has worked in Industry and commerce, Conservation and Development, accountancy practice
and consultancy. E-Mail: Tel: +237 677 439 468
Prior to creation of EDGF Gideon worked with the North West Development Authority (MIDENO), a
government Parastatal organization, carrying out and overseeing the development of the North West
Region, after MIDEONO Gideon, carried out short term assignments for Plan International-
Cameroon, thereafter he worked as Project Administrator of Kilum/Ijim Forest Project, a Birdlife
International UK project. Gideon also worked with GECI auditing firm in Yaoundé, after GECI Gideon
working for Accountancy Services & Audit (ASA) Group carried out auditing and consultancy
assignments for other NGOs.
2.Honest Nikizia Mbzigha- a, Projects Officer, Honest holds a Diploma in Development studies, from
the community development School Santa, blended with work experiences in similar organizations
around the region. E-mail: Tel: +237 677 303 511
3. Dr. Njini Wainchom, Program Officer, holds a PhD in pharmacy from Nkwame Nkrumah
University of Science and Technology, Kumasi Ghana.
4. Job Ayeah, is youth program coordinator, he holds a Bsc degree linguistics, with experiences
in project work
5. Gilbert Ngong, Program Officer, holds a Post Graduate Diploma in law, with four years’ work
6. Emmanuel Tufoin, Office Manager, field projects Animator, Audit assistant

7. Ndonyi Nimbom Njini, Website Administrator and fundraiser
1. Community Development Volunteers for Technical Assistance (CDVTA Cameroon),Bamenda
Cameroon, Mezam division NWR Cameroon
2. Belo Rural Development Association (BERUDA) Belo sub division, Boyo division of the North West
region, Cameroon
3. Accountancy Services and Audit (ASA) Group Cameroon
4. Women’s Organization for Health, Economic and Social Development (WOHESDO)
5. Mixed farming Group (MIFACIG) Twantoh- Njinikijem- Belo, Boyo division, North West Region

a) Community Development Volunteers for Technical Assistance (CDVTA Cameroon),Bamenda
Cameroon, Mezam division NWR Cameroon
b) Belo Rural Development Association (BERUDA) Belo sub division, Boyo division of the North West
region, Cameroon
c)Accountancy Services and Audit (ASA) Group Cameroon
d)Women’s Organization for Health, Economic and Social Development (WOHESDO)
e) Mixed farming Group (MIFACIG) Twantoh- Njinikijem- Belo, Boyo division, North West Region
a)Global Water Partnership (GWP), Sweden
b) Pro-Literacy Foundation, USA
a)First Peoples Worldwide, USA
b)Riverside Sharing Fund of the Riverside Church, USA
c)RTÉ Staff One World Fund, Ireland,
d)World Day of Prayers, USA,
e)Project Outreach St. Thomas Episcopal Church, USA,
f)Johnson Matthey, UK
g)Eu Can Aid! Belgium
h)The Vibrant Village Foundation, USA,
j)Richard Shaull Worldwide Ministries Award, Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church , USA
k) St. John’s Episcopal Church, Midland, Michigan, USA

l)Roger Vere Foundation, UK
m)Universal Charitable Fund, Austria
n) St. John’s Episcopal Church, Austin Bay, USA
o) St. John’s Episcopal Church, Midland, USA
p)CPPS Heritage mission Fund, USA
q) Joy Giving, USA
r) American Women for International Understanding
s) Sacred Fire Foundation, USA
t)St. Francis Lutheran Church, USA
u) Friends and well-wishers

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